Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rusty gets it right - Almost

Rusty Shackleford (no relationship to this person) almost gets it right about the murderous madman Anders Breivik. I am going to pick a wee, bitty nit with him in the definition of Islamophobia.

He says,
"I've always hated the term 'Islamophobia'. It seems so .... imprecise. These people are irrationally afraid of .... Islam? I don't know about that. Perhaps Muslimophobe works better? It just seems to me that there could be a better term for the phenomenon."
Ah, friend Shackleford! You are this close to the truth. Islamophobia is indeed a reality. An ugly, ugly reality. And with all things slimy on the Very Reasonable Left, who keep using that word as a cudgel to tell us Very Unreasonable People on the Right to shut up, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Let me help you out. And not just you, compadres, but anyone who needs to understand precisely what this word means.

Islamophobia is the default position of the press, who wish not to offend Muslims. So a million sins will be overlooked or obfuscated when Muslims do what Muslims very often do.

Islamophobia is the default position of the US Government, especially as it pertains to DHS and the Federal Gropers of TSA, who wish not to appear to be 'profiling', so they create videos where the bad guys are all White Lutheran Extremists, and the heroes calling DHS are brown people. And where crippled old ladies in diapers are given an 'extra, special treatment'.

Islamophobia is the default position of universities who publish books about the Mohammed Cartoon 'controversy' without publishing any of those controversial cartoons. And magazines, too. And bookstores. RIP Borders. I will be coming to scavenge your shelves later on this week.

That pretty much is what Islamophobia is, folks. I'm glad to be of any service I can. Truth is the best countermeasure against frothing, frenzied falsehood, every time.

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