Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day of Rage - This Time, With More Feeling

That was last week. I guess they got the message and decided to amp it up this time around.  You would think that after years at the university, these protest junkies would have learned something more useful than chanting in unison and banging the drum all day. Really, guys? Is that all you can do to express your rage? Hell, is that even how you define rage?

Watch for the moment when the oppressed go into unison sloganeering mode. It's just sad and pathetic. Almost instinctive on their part, too. Like anarchists to billy clubs, they just can't help themselves. This is the sum of their education. I'd sue for malpractice...if I were educated, but as time passes, I become more glad that I'm not. Is there any sadder resume  in the job market than the one that lists all the academic accomplishments from 25 years ago, with almost nothing to show in all those years?

I once worked in a newspaper mail room. I started out at 3.25 an hour, slinging bundles of freshly stuffed newspapers onto conveyor belts. In addition to the buck two-eighty I made on the line, I got manly biceps, which helped me lug twin babies around the house later on, long after that working thrill was gone.

I worked with a lot of part time students who were psych majors, mostly. Their universal complaint after they'd graduated was that prospective employers wanted to know how long you worked in the mail room of the Billings Gazette? It seemed that your academic accomplishments had failed to impress the personnel directors. Apparently, they thought it was more important that you stuck it out 4 years at a hard, dirty, low-paying job through the dead of night than being captain of the debate squad.

Now, though, who bothers working his way through school? These losers never consider that the guys on Wall Street are there because they work so damn hard.

These divas never learned that you don't win the debate by screaming down the opponents.

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