Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is Evil, Too

We forget so soon. Perhaps we need to begin manufacturing more mill stones.


 I don't know why I'm posting this now, except to say that Evil always goes after the children. From the beginning of time, Evil always seeks to murder the innocent. We don't seem to know how to tell the difference, anymore. The most naked aggression and vile act can be dismissed as a psychological aberration. Meh. The lies we tell ourselves. Anything to avoid the truth about the Evil. There is a scene from the Bulgakov story, The Master and Margarita, where in the Former Soviet Union, Evil is nonexistent, save for the vilification of political opponents, and so the people, who do not believe in God, now must face the reality of Satan in their midst. That is where we are now, but we finesse it, buff it out with pleasant sounding words, coat it in a candy shell and hope it tastes good without melting in our hands.

America, once founded on virtuous principles, is now resting on virtual laurels. A sure sign that the end of the Republic is nigh, as we know it. The only people who will survive this onslaught of evil are those who know it and are prepared for it.

I have decided that when I die, it is best to die poor in the things of this life and world.  I would rather leave things to my children that will help them survive the Fall of the Republic.

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