Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Derrick Bell's Excellent Adventure in White Privilege

Derrick Bell

The fascinating thing about Derrick Bell is that he became a success within the Evil Capitalistic System of White Privilege™:

Tenured professor at a Prestigious Ivy League University? Yup!

Famous through the medium of television interviews and celebrated as a hero.

Wealthy through selling books and persuading others of his beliefs.

He garnered for himself a following of acolytes, one of whom is the president of the United States.

For an oppressed member of the permanent class of professional victims, he did quite well for himself.

All thanks to a Society of Privileged Whites.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New James Bond Movie Coming in November

Spoilage alert:

There's no History. There's only the Now

Duh, Senator Grass Stains. How Kind of You to Notice
So Chuckles notices that there is no history on the History Channel. That has always been the case. The first historical movie that inaugurated the History Channel - complete with an after movie round table discussion - was Lady Jane.   The roundtable critics eviscerated the film. Nothing about it was historically accurate. So much for history, then. But the shit and shinola appearing on the History Channel is just one more abomination that a decaying, morbidly obese culture is indulging in just before the Fall line-up
I started noticing something weird about the world of High Falutin’ Artsy Fartism on the cable stations. There’s no art on Arts & Entertainment. There’s nothing to cheer on Bravo. There’s precious little learning that goes on TLC. And there’s no history on the History Channel.
The Biography Channel, an offshoot of A&E, only seems interested in Lives of the Vacuous and Inexplicably Famous, of serial killers and of Ghosts. Yes. Ghosts are fascinating, but fiction is duller than truth would have been. Even NatGEO TV is full of white trash dumbness.
All of the dumb is mind-numbing. Watching this crap is like being anesthetized in preparation for something truly epic in upcoming awfulness. It is almost as if the people running these shows know something we don’t.
It’s deliberate stultification. I can’t believe there is an audience for these shows.
Something wicked this way comes. Won’t the viewers be surprised to find out that Madison Avenue can’t save them from themselves.