Thursday, July 12, 2012

Epic Meal Time

You see, this is why America is so futzed up and fat. I know, I know. I'm a hypocrite or something like that, but this...this is just...wrong.

In fact, it is the one trend I've noticed on the Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and a number of other stations that glorify gluttony. America is doomed. Enjoy the death spiral, infidels:

Garbage in, garbage out.


  1. Jewel2:03 PM

    I keep seeing the Hebrew children, whining, moaning about having nothing but Manna to eat and God giving them over to the desires of their ungrateful hearts and letting them gorge themselves to death on fowl. It is a stark lesson for us today.

  2. In America these days the most rabid excess is to gorge yourself on fear. An indulgence celebrated by both major parties while excoriating the other side for their imaginary fears.

    The rule is: "My fears are real, yours are imaginary"

    The libertarians mostly get it but no one likes them. For good reason. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

    PS thanks for leaving a link. I'm going to find a post I like and send some traffic your way.

    You may also be interested in my technical blog.

  3. Tuna on garlic bread. Invented by me and the First Mate at Roma's Restaurant at the corner of Sheffield and Webster in Chicago.

    Film critic Roger Ebert once overheard us ordering it (it wasn't on the menu) and gave it a try. I have no report on how he liked it.

  4. Ah, Ebert. A tragic plight. I imagine he loved it, gourmand that he was. That actually sounds reasonable, tuna on garlic bread. I might give it a try and make it. The number of things we go to restaurants to eat is diminishing. The other day I made papardelle with a home made sauce that requires we stay home and eat that from now on, since it would be less than stellar in some restaurant. Who wants to pay for a papardelle that is better at home for free, right? Thanks for the tech link. You talk a lot about one of my fav'rite topics. Radios.


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