The Blasphemous Book

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  1. Anonymous12:30 AM


    these posts are outrageously brilliant.

    i don't usually link a whole lot of people, but may i please link these, and excerpt them, ... , with your permission.

    john jay

  2. Link away, my friend! I had seen that blogger now supports a tabbed pages feature, so I imported this other blog to here, and now, hopefully, people will read it.

  3. jewel :

    the blasphemous book of jau jau is wonderful.

    it is outrageous and funny.

    but, i will say something. i had the very disquieting feeling that i was reading the books of the prophets in the bible all over again.

    and that which was visited upon judea and samaria is to be visited upon us, for the very same reason, in that we have turned from our rightful path in sin, debauchery and sloth. not to mention self indulgence.

    so, my laughter is a bit uncomfortable.

    john jay

  4. I came upon the idea that the news would sound much more interesting if it were retold in KJ English. It does sound like prophecy. Whenever I hear someone try to debunk the Bible, I always think how very often something translated from ancient Greek and Hebrew texts into an archaic form of English sounds very spot on when describing the human condition. If it helps, john, you may cover your mouth with your hand when you feel to laugh uncomfortably.

  5. jewel:

    you are linked and excerpted at:

    sorry for the big long link, but i don't know how else to tell you. now, your writing shall be exposed to my readership of 10's. and, 20's, on a good day. not 1,000's, but, ... , you know, 10's. laughing.

    also out on my mailing list.

    i hope it generates you some readership. the book of blasphemous jau jau is extremely well written, funny and profound, reassuring and disturbing all at once.

    just fine writing, exceptional writing, and it is your voice. (and, hey, who knows, ... . smiling.)


  6. I look forward to seeing your readers come here. I have been following your commentary over at Atlas Shrugs for awhile, and you have always been a deep thinker, as far as I am concerned.

  7. Thou art truly a woman who writest brilliant satire, and thy wit is severely twisted.

  8. Hi jewel.
    Great posting ,just brilliant!
    Love it i'll putalink to your story on my blog also.

  9. I stand in awe of your brilliance - thou art indeed aptly named, "Jewel".

    Testy Infidel suits you too !

  10. jewel:

    top notch. still smiling.

    yes, it is so. it is, as you say.

    john jay

  11. Jewel, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. It prompted me to come back here, which I haven't done in ages, and I found this, I don't know what to call it but brilliant, piece of anti-Koran. Finally, someone has had the sense to put the writing of false scriptures to good use... blasting other false scriptures and man-made religions to smithereens! Bravo! Bravo kai axia! as we say in Greek, and that means, I love you, keep it up! And the most blasphemous part of it, is that you are a woman! Reversing the curse by holding up a mirror in their faces, so they can see how ugly they and their "prophet" really are! Bravo kai axia (worthy)!

    An earlier commentator has a valid point, about what the prophets (the real ones, now) have to say about what is happening to us and to the Christian world. Anyone who continually reads the Word of God has been watching all this from the viewpoint of both the prophets of Israel and of Christ and His holy apostles. Islam is just the scourge, the decadence and apostasy goes so deep that unless you are immersed in God's Word you get de-sensitized, as have most people, Christians included (many are just nominal, but not for long, if they want to survive!).

    Anyway, if your literary creativity and talent are commensurate with your culinary graces, they must be awesome indeed! I salute you, sister! Whoever is your mate is blessed.

  12. jau jau

    unfortunate indeed not a man in gaul, not a sould among the gauls, with the balls to write thusly and wistfully of the great martel.

    dead for epochs.

    dead the souls of the gauls, and quaking as the aspen on the wind that sweeps in from the moors, and afraid to be men, if only once again.

    jay jay

  13. jau jau:

    my "fix," please. just think of me as a three day old robin, head strainging up and mouth agape, waiting on the bounty of his mother's regurgitation.

    or, not.

    john jay

  14. dear authoress of jau jau

    thy speach is as an annointed one, filled w/ the spirit of good, and as one smiled upon by all him who is holy.

    truth will not be softened, nor scoffed, nor long ignored, for it persists.

    john jay

  15. Danny Montana2:28 PM

    Satire burns down King and Kingdoms. The Muhammadans from the (excuse me while I laugh) "religion of peace",can rant, rave, burn, maim, terrorize, intimidate, threaten, kidnap, hijack, bomb, behead, stone, rape, and create havoc, world wide, at the slightest whisper or hint of the Pedo-Prophet of Al-Lah being mocked. But The Kabba is on fire and the "prophet" is exposed. Thank to people Like you Jewel, with the wit and courage to shine the light in dark places. And you make Lard sound like a delicious gourmet treat..Keep up the brilliant work..Would not be suprised to see a best seller coming from you, one day. I'd buy!


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